Meet our Admin Team


Mrs. Autumn VanDyke

Head of School

Passionate and driven, Autumn has been at West End Academy since August 2013. She has a passion for young people and knew the Lord was calling her to work with young people in a school setting. She appreciates every opportunity to work to make a difference.


Miss Dani Dethmers

Preschool Director

We couldn't have been more thrilled to have Dani join our team in September 2015. There is no better person to push our team forward by her generosity and constant dedication. She loves these kiddos with her whole heart! She is a servant example to all who know her.


Miss Elisabeth Rutta

Assistant Director/Pre-K Teacher

Elisabeth has a plethora of educational and hands-on experience with all ages. She joined our team in 2011. She has truly been foundational in our school's growth and spirit. We are proud of all she has accomplished in her ten years here!


Mrs. Shirley Adorno

Assistant Director and Teacher

Since joining our team in 2019, Shirley has been working to expand her educational endeavors to further helping young people. She is selfless and is always helping someone else. As a mom, she hopes to love and guide other people's children as she does her own. 

Our Team


Mrs. Alissa Hackney

Elementary Teacher


Miss Stephanie Dethmers

Four-year-old Teacher


Miss Lisa Stekman

Substitute Teacher


Mrs. Beth Tanis

One-year-old Teacher


Mrs. Aisha Pelaez



Mrs. Michelle Cupp

High School Teacher


Mrs. Makayla Harvey

Pre-K Teacher