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About Our School

Changing Educational Outcomes

Since 1971, West End Academy has been striving to reach students in Knoxville, Tennessee . Our individualized approach and smaller class sizes have proven to be successful in helping students to foster success and give them a hope for the future. 

Since 2004, our preschool has served children 6 weeks-Pre-K to prepare them for school and to give them a safe and loving environment to grow, thrive, and play.

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October 8

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October 11

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October 11-15


Trying to Thriving

"...When I asked for help, I was given a page number to reference. This made me feel alone, and not as smart as those students who did not have to ask for assistance. The first time I came to West End Academy, I was concerned that the teachers would be the same as they were in my previous school. Instead, I found the teachers at West End Academy to be extremely helpful and understanding. They took the time to address my personal needs and struggles; this helped me focus on my lessons and build my confidence..."

Never Too Late

"...All of those came up with no explanation of why he wasn’t thriving in school...we immediately came home to try to make a plan for his senior year of high school. Just when it seemed overwhelming to know how to make the right decision, a post came up on my Facebook feed about West End Academy. I had never heard of it before. We called and made an appointment to visit. Our son was immediately drawn to the calm retreat-like setting and the warm personality... From that day on our son was at perfect peace about withdrawing from public school and transferring to West End Academy for his senior year... I’m still amazed at the turnaround that our young man began to make while at this school...Most importantly during this year he began to develop into a calmer and confident individual. I firmly believe that public school is not an environment in which every child will thrive. I describe our struggle with pubic school as being like us trying to fit a “square peg” in a “round hole.”  West End provides the atmosphere in which a child, especially one with a sensitive and cautious personality, can feel confident and safe while being challenged to reach his potential... I only wish that we had discovered West End Academy earlier but thank God that we did before it was too late."

Future Worth Living

"This was the perfect school to help me find my path in life. I went through obstacles in public schooling that West End helped me through night and day. They have the most kind and patient staff that genuinely care about the students' future and well being. Miss Autumn had the largest impact on my life. She showed me the meaning of hard work and the worth of having faith in myself. She refused to give up on me even when I was ready to give up on myself. Most importantly, she taught me that no matter what, my future was and is worth living to the fullest. I can not express enough how my life has turned around with this school. If you're struggling with hardships in your life that limit you on your education, I strongly urge you to visit West End and consider them for your schooling."

One-on-one Help

"Both of my sons went to West End Academy. You cannot ask for a better group of caring people to educate your children. The teachers take their time with each student and provide one on one help."


“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

Ignacio Estrada

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To request a meeting or tour for day-school or pre-school, please fill out the attached form. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch.

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